Wednesday, 20 April 2011

The Dating Game

I understand sport, I don't understand women.

As alien as training is to your average junior C footballer, or a system other than 4-4-2 is to soccer teams in this country, I believe that dating is even more of a mystery to the Irish male.
Now maybe I'm just being cynical, but I truly believe that many of the ills of our society are down to American television and its tentacles which have wrapped their way around the minds of all young people in Ireland and across the world.
Of course American television has brought many, many good things to this world, (the Olsen twins to name but two), but it has also resulted in ridiculous expectations being placed on our menfolk by women, and in particular with regard to relationships.
Dating is probably the most prevalent of these expectations, and lets face it most Irish men are as about as useful as Peter Stringer in the front row of a scrum when it comes to this ritual.
First of all, its not the way we were brought up....nothing our fathers went through in their heyday can really prepare us for the trauma of a "date". I mean can you imagine being sat down by your père and being guided through the minefield of what constitutes a good date.... Not happening is it?
The question remains, are Irish men suited to going on a date? Sure some of the finer members of my brethren take to it like a duck to water but I think many of us are programmed to the more gentile forms of finding women....getting plastered and getting a shift, followed by a number at the end of the night, and seeing where that goes. Hardly classy but its seems to have worked in the past and why can't that continue?
But no, now its all about dating and trying to make the perfect date, and trying to work out should I met her there or collect her and bring her to wherever there is. The cinema, the pub, a restaurant, geo-caching????
The first date is really the equivalent of pre-season training for men- not something that we want to do, we probably feel we don't really need it, but know in the back of our minds that its best to get it over and who knows it may be of benefit to us later on in the season.....  


  1. Eh, is this about sport or your love life?

  2. Good question Mark, I'm working on that...

  3. Can it be about the Olsen twins?

  4. As an american I have to say your (well England's) Prince Charming has done as much damage overseas.

    We need a petition to show women that blokes are the same all over.

  5. do you mean carbon dating or pollen analysis dating?