Monday, 18 April 2011

In love with Sport

Birds do it, bees do it, apparently even the educated Siphonaptera do it. Yes everyone is blogging, or so it would seem anyway. So to jump on the bandwagon that already looks like an overcrowded train at rush hour in Tokyo, I have decided to join the much heralded blogosphere.

I suppose the title of the blog does obviously indicate that sports are a passion, and you wouldn't be far wrong. In fact they are probably more of an obsession to be fair. Having said that though, this blog will hopefully be more than just my thoughts on the latest action from La liga, the Rugby World Cup, the World Snooker Championships or indeed the latest round of Speedway, but I will also be writing about something of which I have absolutely no clue.......women.

You see I am a 28 year singleton with a lousy track record with women and given that I do admire them very much and would enjoy meeting more of them to perhaps distract me from the latest round of the Alpine Skiing World Cup or the Premier League Darts race, I will also be writing about my (most likely futile) attempts at finding love. Or even a snog every now and again. Don't worry names shall remain nameless if you will!! 

Anyway I hope that it will prove entertaining enough that you may want to read more or even tell your friends about it.

Chat soon,



  1. Don't worry,I'm just here to provide constructive criticism and negative reinforcement!

  2. Ha...This should be interesting! :)

  3. Kinda like what Mark said except I'm here to provide negative criticism and positive reinforcement.

  4. Cheers Tony. Watty insists on being called Knight Thunder if I mention him in the blog, do the rest of ye have any preferences?

  5. Knight Thunder?my good god!!!!!
    Hmmmm, call me 'The Pocket Chair'

  6. Call me Mintberry crunch. Pocket chair is magical. It's great for outdoors!